An In Depth Look at Pilot Training Schools

Whether you are hoping to operate a commercial vehicle or private aircraft, pilot training schools will give you the essential knowledge of aviation, aeronautics, and technical skills that you need to succeed. These schools offer either associate’s or bachelor’s degrees and allow people to meet the requirements for a commercial pilot’s license.

What you will Learn

Many pilots get their training through military service, most often with the United States Air Force or the Navy. If you choose to pursue pilot training through school instead, or if you are using school to add additional training and certification to your repertoire, you will receive training not only in the operation of different aircraft but also in engineering, computer science, and navigation systems. A strong scientific background is provided to give pilots a full understanding of what is going on in the air.

Preparing for Study

In high school, the best courses for you to take include physics, math up to trigonometry, and computer science. You should also make sure that you are in fit physical shape, taking physical education courses if necessary. Many schools will ask that you have a broad cultural knowledge as well, so taking additional liberal arts courses such as English literature, foreign languages, and history can all be useful. Engineering courses are also extremely helpful, and calculus can be useful in this field. Overall, anything that gives you a better respect for the vehicle you are flying will help.

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Top US Schools

The top pilot training schools presented below will give you a chance to log flight hours and will grant you at least the equivalent of an associate’s degree in this field.

• Fond Du Lac Skyport in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
• Colorado Flight Center in Grand Junction, Colorado
• CSG Aviation in Columbus, Georgia
• Aviation Pacific Inc. in Camarillo, California
• Airgyro Aviation in Spanish Fork, Utah
• North Texas Flight Academy in Roanoke, Texas
• Springfield Flying Service in Columbia, California
• Livingston Flight in Howell, Michigan
• San Diego Flight Training International in San Diego, California
• Cindtronix Aviation in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Educational Costs

Depending on the school you choose and your credentials, you may need between $5,000 and $10,000 per year to pay for tuition to one of these schools. Unfortunately, federal grants and scholarships are only rarely available to prospective pilots. The easiest way to get financial aid in this field is to consider a position in the military, either with the full time service or through a part time operation like the National Guard or the reserves. This will give you a chance to receive pilot training during your service or, if you choose another career path in the military, if will at least give you financial aid that you can put toward your pilot training.

Pilot training schools are located throughout the country and give students the chance to fulfill their dreams of flight. The tips above will help you develop a road map that will lead you to your career of choice.

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